Another one out of my memorabilia. I am not sure about others but I, when in my teens, was obsessed with my appearance.

It all started when I was in the eight standard. It was a free period; three of my friends and I sat around the desk, talking about some latest inane happening. One of them cracked a joke and we all laughed aloud.

“Anupma, you have beautiful teeth” observed Sangeeta. Before I could react, there were three pairs of eyes trying to look inside my mouth, which was now tightly shut. I could not resist for long and finally let them look. After a few minutes, it was concluded that I had fine teeth but the front tooth was a bit crooked.

This got into my head and I started spending long hours in front of the mirror looking at my teeth. This was just the beginning. Teeth passed, then came the freckles, closely followed by the extra flab and limp hair. I was full of imperfections and we are just talking about the physical ones at this point.

After school the obsession took a turn, I no longer cared about the freckles and the pimples; I was concerned that I looked like almost any other girl in the university. All girls dressed in a similar style, they all left their hair loose, and they all carried akin accessories. I wanted to be different.

Thankfully, all I did to look different was chop my hair real short. When I reflect back now, I could have got my eyebrow pierced. ::shudders::

Today, I do not give a damn if a fat pimple chooses to appear on my nose on the day of an important interview or meeting. I am not saying that I do not like to look good, but I am at comfort with my lifelong mates like under eye circles and thin hair. It does not matter because I like the way I look.


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