Bus and Books

All right first a confession, I am pathetic at time management. The only time I can find to read books is while riding in a bus. There was a time when I would read two to three books in a row, breaking only for lunch and dinner. However, that is a tale of the past.

Coming back to the point, I always carry a book in my handbag and make the best of the long bus rides. This habit produces interesting reactions from the fellow passengers.

– Yesterday, I was engrossed in a Wodehouse novel and could not stop myself from laughing aloud on reading a hilarious anecdote. It began as a smile and turned into a grin and then I burst out. The man standing on my side glared at me and the lady comfortably dozing on the other side, woke up with a jerk.

-I had once shocked an elderly lady who sat by my side and casually peeped into my novel. She read a few lines and then shifted herself a little and turned her face to the other side. The chapter I was reading talked about the different tricks a girl could play to get her dream man.

-I remember two men who looked at the cover of my book and whispered amongst themselves when I read Harry Potter. This was a daily routine and it continued for a long time, considering that I read all four books one after the other.


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