Alright I do this pretty often, but I like it. Period.


You Touched: The lady struggling to pass by me in the bus

You Talked to: Shilpi, my colleague.

You Hugged: Mummy.

You Instant messaged: Uma.

You Yelled At: Him.

You Had A Crush On: I pass.

Who Broke Your Heart: No one.


Understanding: Yes.

Open-minded: I think so.

Arrogant: No.

Insecure: I am not telling you.

Interesting: If you can get me talking, yes.

Hungry: Almost always.

Friendly: Oh – yeah.

Smart: Yes.

Moody: Sometimes.

Childish: Sometimes.

Hard working: Mostly.

Organized: To an extent.

Emotionally Stable: Yes.

Shy: Much more than I would like.

Difficult: I try not to be.

Bored Easily: No.

Responsible: Usually.

Obsessed: Sometimes with some things.

Sad: Not most of the time.

Reliable: Absolutely.

Loyal: More than you can imagine.


PS: Questions from Minnie’s Journal.


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