Flaunt that dog!

Status Symbols: Mansion like houses, latest cars, branded clothes and jewelry, snazzy cell phones, and pedigreed dogs.

I am okay with your status symbols. You have the money; you have the right to flaunt it. Buy a new gizmo or a purring machine every month and throw away the old one. I don’t care. The mobile phones do not have feelings, dogs do.

It breaks my heart to see it happen yet again. One rich family in our neighborhood makes a game of getting a new puppy almost every two years. They have had a Germen Shepherd, a Dalmatian, a Pomeranian, and the latest is a Boxer. None of these dogs has lived with them over a year. They get them, show them off, and then leave them. The first one went to the dog shelter, the clever Dalmatian ran away when it was being beaten by the maid, the Pomeranian – well I have not seen her in the last few months – and now it’s the Boxer’s turn.

I hear the puppy whine late at night. He is left in the lawns, all by himself, in the chilly night. I remember calling up the Animal Shelter and lodging a complaint against them. I was in school then and it was the German Shepard. The owners were warned, but nothing happened. It has continued ever since. Moreover, I know this is not the only family indulging in such practice.

Just imagine, you get a pup and get him used to the comforts of your lavish house, the cuddles, the cute words, the food, and then you get bored. The pup in not tiny anymore, he does not fit in your lap, or maybe he is ailing. Therefore, you leave him on the roads; he wonders by himself, unaware of the law of the jungle that the mongrels follow. It does not take much of imagination to see where he will end.


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