<< Rewind to 1999 <<

It was Holi and I stayed in – as usual. At two in the afternoon, a couple of friends dropped by and invited me for a drive. It was already after noon and the rowdy crowd had cleared the streets. Therefore, I agreed and hopped in the car. We had fun and I ate a yum kulfi. I knew it had some bhang mixed in it but how much effect can one pinch of bhang have? My friend had just gobbled down half-a-dozen bhang pakoras and he seemed fit and fine.

I got home at three, had lunch and went off to sleep. If you have an iota of knowledge about bhang, you would know this was a big mistake. However, if you are clueless, let me help you – never ever eat and sleep after consuming bhang. The two, in this specific order, increase the intoxication by ten-fold.

I woke up to the ringing of phone. It was a friend. I tried to say “hello” but what came out sounded like “hllllo”. Gosh! I was hopelessly slurring. I had lost all control over my tongue. I could think right; I was not laughing or crying uncontrollably, as they show in Bollywood movies. I was just uttering indistinctly.

The first thought that entered by dim brain was “Mother will kill me”. If I put the phone down, I would have to talk to mummy. So, I decided to confide in my pal instead. We talked for one-and-a-half hour and by then my tongue began to obey my head again.

Of course, I told mummy about the episode but after a month. Phew – what a hopeless way to enjoy a festival! I swore never to touch the intoxicating herb again.


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