My conventional existence

You have a short time grab a little glory
I wanna have a good life, not a sad story.
To stay within the boundaries seems so formal
If that's what life is, I don't want to be normal

Words by R Crawford

I am not the kind who believes in breaking the rules. Nevertheless, I hate it when things get predictable. Maybe I should be hosting a travel show for the discovery channel instead of sitting in an air-conditioned cubicle.

These are few things that I want to do but find myself tied up in the routine hustle-bustle to make time for them.

I want to travel

A trip to the southern states has been a long-time wish. The greens and backwaters, the beautiful temples and monuments, the diverse lifestyle, and the delectable cuisine are the major temptations.

I want to read

I am always reading a book or am I? I start a book and read a couple of pages every now and then. It has been a long time since I chewed the words and walked on them into the fantasyland.

I want to cook

No, I am not a bon vivant chef. However, I have a head full of recipes, waiting to be tried out.

I want to spend time at the animal shelter

Those soulful eyes, ever so friendly, and all they ask for is my time. A pet on the brown head, a rub on the tan back, and they will roll down and lie on my feet. All I need to do is to walk them in the evenings and it will make their day.

All this and much more

Am I short of time? No, I have twenty-four hours just like you. I am too busy living my normal life, distressing about this-and-that, fighting to make it to the top…to give a second thought.


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