Cherished Reminiscence

Events that make my trip to Vaishno Devi memorable

– Meeting forty other girls at the Old Delhi railway station. The place does not look so colorful often; plus no one hugs so much there. [Yes, Mirandians hug a lot]
– Lots of singing, eating, some fighting, very little sleeping in the train to Jammu.
– Girls doing a jig on the tunes of Chhaiyan Chhaiyan on top of a stationary bus at Jammu railway station.
– Sharing the hotel room with my dear friends at Katra.
– Being greeted by unexpected drizzle on the way up.
– Twelve kilometer uphill walk with Nirupa and being able to be amongst the first ones to reach the shrine.
– Eating hot and spicy raajma-chawal, followed by a tablet of combiflam for my aching self.
– Rushing in-and-out of the holy cave in one minute straight. Did I catch a glimpse of the goddess’ idol?
– Gathering courage to walk a few more kilometers uphill to the Bharon temple.
– Awesome downhill walk in the moonlit night.
– Last three kilometers not coming to an end.
– Energetic lecturer encouraging us to walk faster and not letting us pay head to the throbbing muscles.
– Soft bed in the hotel room. I could care less if it were made of wood.
– Getting sentimental as this journey marked end of our three years of college.

I had been to the shrine before, but it had never been so much fun. Nirupa, it was your email –random musings– that inspired me to list these events. I can never-ever forget the downhill walk. And, yes the slam book is sitting safely on my bedside table.


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