Work = Worship?

I have been terribly busy off late and have made it a point to tell everyone who happens to be listening. Cribbing is not a habit but this time the work routine is getting on my nerves.

The general feeling:

I deserve better
My work is not appreciated
They do not understand the significance of my role in the venture
I need to be some place else
Enough is enough

Then I look around myself. Almost 70 percent of my acquaintances are unhappy with the present state of their work life. Some are looking for a better opportunity; some are looking for an opportunity. Was it the same in our parents’ times as well? Maybe it was. I just did not care about it back then.

One thing is for sure: the corporate life style is killing us all. Increasing competition and unfortunate state of the world economy has lead to deadlines tighter than ever before. They work day in, day out and earn wads of cash. Tell me people, when do you get time to spend it?


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