Recent Observances

Delhi is turning the melody way and Delhi-ites can now boast of multiple radio stations. Bus rides have become chirpier and one gets to hear decent voices on the frequency megahertz.

Gurgaon needs some greenery. You take the left turn from the national highway and will be greeted by the concrete jungle. If you are a city bird, like me, you will find the skyscrapers breathtaking. However, soon you will see that those brilliant buildings are surrounded by nothing but more buildings. Dry, murky, barren roads that take you to the buildings that can be easily pass for five start hotels; not done!

Bussing in Delhi is comfier than in many other towns. In our mission to run down everything available to us, we miss out on the positives. I think Delhi has one of the best public transport systems in India. With metro railway coming up soon there will be no stopping us. Let us stop cribbing about the diversions due to flyover and metro rail construction and learn to appreciate the goods.


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