Writing right

“I wrote that prize winning piece on preserving old letters sitting by the grand waterfall” he said. “It was just the right place. There was greenery all around. I sat on a moss-covered rock, with stocky green trees in the backdrop, and watched the mighty white water come with all the force and drop into the placid emerald lake.” He reflected for a trice, “maybe the lake was not really green, it seemed so because of the reflection of the deep vegetation. No, the place was not quiet” he continued. “As a matter of fact the sound of the water vehemently falling into the lake was deafening but it grew on me. It merged into the other natural sounds and I was at peace. Anything that one wrote there had to win a prize.”

If I ever write a prize winning piece I will explain it like this:

“I wrote that prize winning piece on tulips sitting at my desk, my favorite place in the whole wide world. I opened MS-Word, the finest word processor, and set the page to match my taste. The font was verdana, size 10, and the color was black. My creative juices had to gush when everything was so right.”

PS: my desktop wallpaper inspires the first paragraph.


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