In search of life

The mysterious ocean. Foamy, dancing waves as far as my sight takes me. It looks alluring and mesmerizes me when I stand on the beach. The reflexive knowledge that I can walk back and go to the comfort of my home – to be with my loved ones, to eat, to drink, to live my life – lets me enjoy the scenic beauty.

I saw Castaway last night. The island was heavenly. There was sea, there were raindrops, there was sand, and there was greenery. What was I, along with Chuck, searching for?

Life. Someone Chuck could talk to. He found a companion in Wilson, the ball. Did you cry when Wilson floated away? Chuck did. So did I.

Helplessness in the state that I fear the most. “I had control over nothing.” said Chuck.

Do you think the movie had a happy conclusion? I think it did have a fortunate end. It did not have a “lived happily ever after” end; but then it was not a fairytale. Chuck still did not have any control over his love but he had control over other aspects of life. I am sure he must have had some happy moments after I switched off the television. Life goes on and time heals.

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