A genius mind

I knew that the movie, A Beautiful Mind, was about a schizophrenic mathematician. Therefore, when I sat in front of the television last night, I thought myself to be prepared. The movie began and slowly I got engrossed in its not-so-bizarre events, when suddenly I realized that everything I have watched for the last one hour was an illusion – a hallucination of a beautiful mind.

I felt cheated.

Imagine the feelings of a person, who has lived those moments, who has treasured and cherished them; how would have he felt when told that his best friend ā€“ his only friend ā€“ is a figment of his imagination? No wonder the patients of schizophrenia suffer from acute depression.

John F. Nash is a phenomenon. Many schizophrenic patients commit suicide and others just breathe, day-in and day-out. Only a few brave human beings fight it. Nash, one of those brave fighters, has found a way through his will.


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