A whimsical post

Was marveling all those fictional creatures of fantasyland. There are dwarves, trolls, fairies, giants, goblins, hobbits, pixies, sprites, and nymphs. And then there are elves – my favorite. Elves are creatures of great intellect and invisibility. They are highly mischievous and prone to bother and fool other creatures. Elves can become visible and change shapes at will, create illusions, and easily confuse other creatures.

Dew Drops

He's busy gathering dew drops
In the early light of dawn.
He finds them in the hedge tops
And sprinkled on the lawn.
His bucket is a bluebell
With a handle made of grass.
He knows just when the dew fell
And how long it will last.
Each precious drop he gathers
Is used to water flowers
Hidden from the dew fall
In secret forest bowers.
-Green Elf's Job

And now here are some tips to sooth your senses. Sooth your sense to:

~ see by waking up at the wee hour and watching the sun rise.
~ hear by hanging chimes at your front door.
~ touch by donning a satin scarf around your shoulders.
~ smell by breathing in the aroma of hot coffee.
~ taste by gobbling some spicy golguppas.



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