A walk down the memory lane

November 17, 1978 was a Friday.

November 17, 1981 – 86 conjure up vague images. There was always a party, a cake, and some presents. Some kids of my age, a few grown kids who would thrust a gift in my hands without a hint of smile. Lots of uncles and aunties making infuriating remarks like ‘now you are a big girl’ or being nosey and asking ‘so what did mama and papa give you?’ I never distributed sweets to my classmates. My logic, it was not a public affair.

November 17, 1987 was the first out-on-my-own experience. Well, I was not actually on my own, it was a school trip to a place called Kooch Bihar, followed by a party at home, just like the one described above.

November 17, 1988 is synonymous to driving on an East Indian highway with ma, papa, and our two spitzes, Whiskey and Tipsy. We drove all day and guzzled loads of Mango Frooti. I remember it was a sunny day and I was delighted to have touched the two-digit mark. This road trip went on to become a cherished memory.

November 17, 1989-90 blank

November 17, 1991-95 were all about feeding my friends on oily burgers and lukewarm soft drinks from the school canteen and receiving cards and knick-knacks.

November 17, 1996-98 were spent treating one and all who happened to cross my path on that day. Utter confusion!

November 17, 1999 was about discovering a true friend and entertaining some fake ones.

November 17, 2000 was bliss. Warm vibes, exotic food, pretty candles, profound words (both printed and verbal), lotus chairs, and the serene Lotus Temple would sum up the day.

November 17, 2001 comprised snuggles, Chinese food, and Cats and Dogs. Nonstop fun.

November 17, 2002 started with serious but harmonious conversation by a fountain. Then there was great food, an amazing present, and joyful moments; all engulfed in warm vibrations.



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