December is the month for making lists. The music channels list the top 10/100 videos, the movie channels list the best movies of the year, people list their resolutions, and I list almost everything that pops up in my head. Therefore, this month shall see many lists posted on my LJ.


2003: Discoveries

This is a list of things that have existed for eons but were discovered by moi this year.

o Aromatherapy: This is an age-old concept that has become a craze off late. However, it is much more than a simple fad. I have discovered the magic of essential oils. My favorite are jasmine and lavender. I really want to try out vanilla.
o Live Journal: A google search for ‘bored’ lead me to, which lead me to From there I reached Dead Journal, and LJ was the final stop.
o Calvin and Hobbes: I remember reading the strip in the newspapers supplements off and on, but it was only when I discovered the Internet source of C&H that I turned into a big fan of the strip.
o The Bold and The Beautiful: It has been around ever since the cable television came to India. However, it was this October that while channel surfing I saw a pretty face and stopped for a moment. The pretty face turned out to be Hunter Tylo‘s. And I got hooked to the infamous show.
o The fact that I am emotionally frail. No comments.



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