Favored Expressions

I am partial to certain words. They are fairly common, but I like them for their sound, their meaning, and just because. I am always on a lookout for opportunities to use them. Because I do not seem to get enough chances, I am simply going to list them.

Reverie (Noun)
I have lost count of the number of times I have started writing an LJ post with the title ‘Reverie on Paper’ in my mind. Number of posts that use the word reverie – 0

Mirthful (Adjective)
Send me a funny e-mail and I will definitely send you a one word reply – Mirthful!

Inkling (Noun)
It has a ringing sound to it. Rather, a tinkling sound.

Maudlin (Adjective)
Oh well, because it describes me.

Fantabulous (Adjective)
This is one of the very few new age words that have found a place in my vocabulary. If something deserves use of multiple positive qualifiers, it has to be fantabulous.

Labyrinth (Noun)
Mazes are fascinating and what is better than calling them with a discerning name!

Serendipity (Noun)
Maybe because life is made of happenstances…

Splendiferous (Adjective)
Try using it. Splendid effect guaranteed.

Sprint (Noun)
Purely for the sound! I like the sound of N between R and T.

Eleventy-one (Noun)
Oh well! Do I need to explicate this?

Lists are so much fun. I think I will list down my favorite adjectives next.


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