An old post and some queer intellections

While skimming through my old posts, I came across this. I wrote ‘Culmination’ exactly a year ago. I remember not only the day’s events but also the perplexing miscellanea of feelings that I experienced all through the day.

There was excitement, hope, anxiety, anger, guilt, concern, nervousness, agitation, and finally at the end of the day – relief. All this, because I had to hand in my resignation. For heavens sake!

Today, this post amuses me. I am surprised that I was so jittery because I had decided to move on. What makes moving on so arduous? I have a suspicion that in my case it is pure laziness. I get so used to the present scenario that I rather deal with its daily afflicts than take steps to amend the circumstances.

On the bright side, I am definitely more proactive today than I was last year.

Another thing that I realized was that some of you guys have been around for a long time now. This dawned upon me on re-reading those gentle words.

Oh, if you are wondering what is the point of this post, let me tell you there is none. This post is just an assortment of thoughts that popped in my head on seeing an old post.


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