Disparate Thoughts

Never before have I had such strong desire to read so many books at the same point of time. Besides the new ones stacked on my computer table, there are some that I crave to reread. Why? Because I have forbidden myself from touching any book that does not talk about either relational databases or operating systems. I hate exams! To top it all, people are forcefully lending everything from The Sun Magazine to works of Rabindranath Tagore to me.

Yesterday’s newspaper mentioned that the Sonia Gandhi look is in. You know, crisp white cotton saris, minimal makeup, and hair either pinned on the sides or tied at the back? My skepticism was dealt with this morning when I saw a lady in Delhi University wearing a white cotton sari with blue border. Yes, her hair was done in the same way as well!

Now, I am a bigger fan of Matthew Perry than ever before. I read his interview with Jennifer Kasle Furmaniak and realized that his self-deprecating wit works like a charm in real life too.

They say that being in love turns you into an idiot. I saw it happen yesterday. While stuck in a traffic jam, I tried making conversation with a colleague who claims to have finally met The One.
I: I am glad that I was on the road yesterday when it rained. Did you catch the surprise showers?
He: (after momentary silence) Yes, one seeks beauty in everything when one has an aim in life. One learns to enjoy life even when it digs out crap.
I: Yes!?
He: I will ensure that my kids also fall in love.
I: Oh!

If essential oils interest you, you absolutely must try tea tree. It is tried, tested, and highly recommended by yours truly. It has an oh-so-refreshing effect.

I just realized that most of my posts are written on a Thursday. Must be a midweek thing.

I have also realized that flattery, if taken to heart, can agitate me as much as criticism.


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