Muddled Tidingses

Today I saw the most lamentable soul around me whoosh past and climb the corporate ladder. They are trying their level best to tell me that my notion, ones work speaks for itself, is delusive. I think, I will hold on a little longer.

A friend tells me that I am an abnormality when it comes to being a Punjabi. With due respect to all my fellow Punjabis, I take this as a compliment.

Determined, forceful, passionate, intuitive, emotional, jealous, compulsive, and secretive. The qualifiers sound intriguing when mentioned conjointly in a post. However, when they are used to sum up a Scorpio, people flinch.

Why do people give skin-deep information? Sometimes, I relish being persuasive, detecting hidden causes, and discovering obscured facts so much that I wonder why I never considered becoming a detective.

I suspect that the dingy confectionery store beside the lake near my place is a veil for some more interesting shady business. Well, it might just be a harmless place but I like my story better.

If your credit card company offers to upgrade your silver card to a gold, is there a catch?


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