Wednesday Woes

If you have heard the song, you have no choice but to worship it. I am talking about the number My Baby Shot Me Down by Nancy Sinatra. Right, so I got a lil late in catching the movie and therefore, my fixation with it is more accented than some of my peers’. Call me airheaded but I have the lyrics of the song pinned to my cube wall.

My reviewer did a double take when his eyes caught the words Bang Bang. While he read the complete song printed in Monotype Corsiva, font size 14, I hoped that he would not use this to judge me during the next review. After a good second read and a short discussion on the lines, music played and people sang, just for me the church bells rang, he asked me to forward a soft copy to his e-mail address.

On a completely unrelated note, why is it that people come up with the fun-est plans when my exams are just around the corner? (Well, my exams come around the corner a little too often) Although, I succeeded in getting an all-girl haunt-the-mall plan postponed to the weekend after exams, I will have to miss the visit to the planetarium this Sunday.


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