My Bliss Catalog

o Waking up to sunshine
o Liquor chocolates
o Homemade chocolate cake
o Playing with a dog
o Watching them unwrap the surprise gift
o A cold (hot) shower on a hot (cold) day
o Driving in the rain
o Cool breeze running through my hair
o Sprinklers spraying right on my face
o Melodic tinkling of wind chimes
o Watching squirrels play
o Watching clouds against the clear blue sky
o Walking barefoot on wet grass
o Walking barefoot on the beach
o Discovering a childhood favorite book while looking for some notes
o Receiving flowers
o Receiving e-mails from long lost friends
o Receiving postcards
o Sipping frothy drinks
o Sitting by a silent, lazy river
o Jumping in puddles
o Discovering something new
o Discovering lyrics printed on the inside of a CD cover
o Singing along
o Relating to the fictional characters of a book
o Cheese that melts in my mouth
o Citrus fragrance of Tendre Poison
o Things that sparkle
o Taking pictures
o Making happy lists

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