More of me

Here are the answers to your interview meme, .

1. You are walking on a beach when you stumble across a lamp. When the genie appears, he grants you three wishes. You would ask for…?

Patience, dimples, and Johnny Depp

2. My favourite sin is sloth. What is yours, and why?

Besides sloth, it is indulging in junk food. The knowledge that it is unhealthy, full of calories and cholesterol, and will require me to give up slothfulness, and take up exercise, means nothing to me.

Why? Although, I do not live solely to eat, I maintain that there is no life like that of a foodie.

3. Let's press the fast forward button — We're in 2019. Where is Anupma and what is she doing?

Fifteen years from now! It is a warm Sunday afternoon; I am curled in a hammock, under the palm trees outside my beach cottage, reading a book, a flask of coffee by my side. I take a break from reading to plan the bookshop I am going to open within next five years, while my adorable kids are busy playing on the beach with my dear husband. A girl can dream, right?

4. Tell me about a fictional character you can identify with, and why?

Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice! For starters, she is not pure white. Warm hearted and agreeable Elizabeth is confused about her feelings while obstinately sure about those of the other person. She is a romantic who takes pleasure in analyzing other people but her vanity gets in way and usually leaves her anxious. That is Anupma for you.

5. Anupma feels inspired by…?

I derive my inspiration from people around me. I am what I see, what I feel, and what I observe every day. These people could be my dear ones or complete strangers, everyone seems to effect me in one way or the other.

PS: I am breaking the meme rules this one time. I am sure all the people in my friends list have already done this meme.


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