Latest Evil – The Metrosexual Man

One reads the term in the magazines all the time. One hears it being discussed amongst friends every once in a while, and one may even catch oneself wondering why they say that women are the ones obsessed with appearances. But all said and done, I was at peace with the term metrosexual until this Friday.

My aunt, a fraught mother of two tough teenaged girls, sat on the kitchen table, sipping tea and flipping through one of my mags when she suddenly saw the word.

“Neelu, who is a metrosexual?” she asked my ma. “Or is it a what?”

My amazingly well-informed mother (she never ceases to surprise me) tried to think up the right description of the term but the aunt could not wait.

“Does that mean gay?” she continued with apparent horror in her voice. “Oh lord! Does that mean those who, you know, do it in a subway? They have ‘metros’ all over the city now.”

Now there were two horrified people in the kitchen. “Oh, no! No.” my mum managed to find her cool and plunged into a detailed description. “They are those men who get their eyebrows threaded, get manicures and pedicures done. You know, we see young men in fancy designer clothes and trendy hairstyles, it’s them.”

This did not satisfy my aunt. “Yes, getting bleaches and all is weird but what does it have to do with sex?” (OH MY GOD, my aunt said the word!) Sometimes even my ma does not have answers.

“You do not try to calm me Neelu, I am sure there is more to it. Why are you not telling me? Or is it that you do not really know?” The lady had a plan of action now. “We must find out, you know. How are we supposed to protect our daughters unless we know of the evils that surround them?”


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