The Hibernating Writer

If you read my LJ, you should know that I am going through one of my worst writer’s block phase. So, what does one do when one needs to write a rez-uh-may during such a phase? Keep in mind that I need to hard sell myself as a writer.

My lethargy and procrastinating tendencies excluded, I have always hated writing my resume. It is just not my thing. If you ask me why I added you to my friend list, I will name ten reasons in a moment but if you ask me why you should add me to yours, I will turn on my mute button. (Yes, I have one and the fact that I am the only one who has the control irritates the hell out of my friends.)

Maybe I will blame this handicap on my parents. They are the culprits who instilled modesty in my veins. Now, I need to give up my unassuming nature and brag about my comings and goings and make them sound attractive. I need to crow about my charismatic personality and ability to tweak.

Well then, I put on my thinking cap and this is what I came up with.


Striver, non-squawker
Stickler, non-conceder
Self-starter, non-claimer
Team player, non-clasher


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