Rediscovering Merriment

The picture of a seven year old girl with her face buried in a comic book as the train picked up speed is crystal clear in my head. If I explore my childhood memorabilia, I am sure to come up with innumerable such pictures. Nevertheless, I cannot remember when I moved away from those colorful, vibrant, and engulfing comic books. For me, comics were reduced to three-panel strips that appeared in the newspaper and the friends page of my LJ.

It was the unvanquishable exuberance of certain someone that got my curiosity level high and pushed me towards Web comics. One lazy afternoon when there was little to do at work, I pursued the links that were enthusiastically bookmarked for me. After a few hours I zeroed down on this, this, and this. To be truthful, the only thing that struck me was the sheer brilliance of the graphics and art. However, as I followed these strips I slowly developed a taste for their jokes and that got me started on the graphical medium again.

Once I got started it was impossible to ignore the world of mirthfully adventurous Gauls and after I discovered a similarity between Obelix and self*, there was no stopping me. After the mandatory move from Asterix to Tintin, I stopped at the roadside bookstall in Connaught Place. It was at one such stall where I picked up my first ever Gotham comic. I was so mystified by the chapter one of The Ultimates that after waiting for a month to read the second chapter, I decided to switch to the CBR format.

Now when I get home from work, I have a tough time deciding whether to catch on The Ultimates, The Ultimate Spiderman, or Cerebus. If my stupefying supplier of comic books is reading this, I am still waiting for Catwoman, Batman, and Fantastic Four.

* I fell in a cauldron of vitamin C when I was a baby!


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