Subconscious Reflections

What happens when you try to recollect something that someone had said earlier?

This morning, I tried to remember a random song some friends and I were humming last evening. I raked my memory to recollect its lyrics but all I got was the theme of the song. Interestingly, I ended up recalling a lot of minute details I wasn’t looking for.

Sitting on my desk, I closed my eyes and concentrated on the lyrics of the song. Instantly, I found myself transported to a different space. In the twilight, I could sense the fast moving vehicle. I could see my friend’s happy face, eyes shut, and lips mouthing the undecipherable words. I could feel the chilly air. I could smell the smoke and hear the sounds of the traffic. I had no clue my mind had registered all those tiny details. All my senses work and record specifics that I never bother to recollect!

However fascinating the brief experience might have been, I still had to ask around about the song in question.


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