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Festivals are good but they are extremely sweet and I do not have a sweet tooth. Everyone, just about everyone my family knows, gifts us a box of meethai only so we can gift them back. In the end, we are left with the same number of boxes that we went out and bought two days back, only the contents are different. The weird part being that meethai of our choice is in someone else's refrigerator. On the positive side, people I do not hear from all year long send me a text message on festivals, which is kind of nice. I always end up rekindling at least a couple of friendships during this season.


You know, how some forgotten songs bring back childhood memories? I heard Elvis Presley's “Yellow Rose of Texas – The Eyes of Texas” on AIR FM the other day and with it came rememberings of days when I was learning to ride bicycle. I did not know the words well enough but would hum this song while I rode on the wide roads of a tropical region in East India. I have been listening to this song a lot for the past few days. Correct me if I am mistaken but I think Anu Malik used this song as an inspiration for the song “Ladna Jhagadna” in the movie “Duplicate”.

Alright, so the new author I speak of is new in the sense that I picked up his book for the first time. In an experimenting mood, I bought “Confessions of Crap Artist” by Philip K. Dick over his award winning novel “The Man in the High Castle”. I started the book with my mind set for a science fiction novel and I was disappointed. For one, the book is set in 1950s. Hello?! Are these stories not supposed to be futuristic? The only thing remotely linked to science fiction was the fact that the crackpot who happens to be a crap artist belives that the earth is hollow and its the sunlight that has weight! However, as I moved on I experinced the most marvelously weird read. The author flawlessly dwells on the insanity and disfunctionality of seemingly normal people. The character development is so solid that I could feel their emotions as I read the book. Mark my words, I could feel their emotions not relate to them. There is a hairline difference between the two and the author does a splendind job on it. For instance, the main character, who is an adult, is so staggeringly unfurnished for real life that his sister and brother-in-law have to take him in. Nevertheless, when you read the book you find yourself agreeing with this crackpot. That is the degree of the astonishing job Philip K. Dick has done on this book. But remember, this is a non-science fiction novel by a science fiction writer.


If we were to list men who look good in mustaches, Kevin Costner would get my vote. I realized this while watching the movie “Dances with Wolves”.

Umm…for me there are two types of good movies. The kind that entertain me to the extent of making me watch them over and over again and the kind that produce emotions so intense that I cannot watch them again. “Kill Bill Volume 1 and 2”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Notting Hill”, and “Pulp Fiction” are examples of the first kind and “Life is Beautiful”, “The Shawshank Redemption”, “Castaway”, and “Dances with Wolves” fall in the second category. Well, that is my way of saying that “Dances with Wolves” is a remarkable movie regardless of my uncontrolable urge to pull back and tie Mary McDonnell's hair every time she made an appearance.

Just for the record, I have to watch “Message in a Bottle”. I do not care what the reviews say, I find the whole concept so utterly romantic that I must watch the movie. Only if I could lay my hands on its DVD.


My awareness of bikes can be compared to a regular guy's knowledge about girls. When it comes to bikes, I only go by looks. I warned my friend about this when he asked me to help him zero down on a bike. However, he still chose to send me the links to some of his choices. Now, I am awestruck. Kawasaki's Ninja Sportbikes range is splendind but I completely lost my heart to Yamaha YZF-R1. If you have $11,000, go buy it now. Another bike I really liked is Kawasaki ZRR-1200. It reminds me of Batman's bike. =)

While on the subject of Batman, I must mention my new hot-favorite comic character. This botanically fatal jade-eyed beauty has been redone by Jim Lee for Batman Hush series. Poison Ivy kills with her veins and vines. I have never liked a villian to this extent before.


You know you are a hopeless romantic when you get all quixotic after watching a sitcom. Jack and Jill is just another American show about twentysomethings with usual problems. I stopped while channel surfing to figure why a girl would be called Jack only to realize that the guy is called Jill (short for Jacqueline and Jillefsky). Amanda Peet plays an organized Jack who engineers and plans every little action and Ivan Sergei plays Jill who lives for the moment and believes in spontaneity. No, I am not recommending the show unless you are an unsufferable romantic like me.


1.Scrumptious pastries
2.Delectable coffee
3.Nonindulgent Internet usage policy

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