I shoved Fight Club down my 'To Be Watched' list because I thought it would be just another rough action flick. I could not be more mistaken. Yes, it is rough and it has a lot of action but it is what I call a psychological thriller. The movie required me to look beyond its surface. I had to dwell deeper and open my mind. If I had not payed a closer look, I would have dismissed the movie within first half-an-hour. It seemed as if a couple of twisted minds beat each other to pulp to get rid of their day-to-day frustration.

”We are the middle children of history, with no purpose or place. We have no great war, or great depression. The great war is a spiritual war. The great depression is our lives. We were raised by television to believe that we'd be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars — but we won't. And we're learning that fact. And we're very, very pissed-off.”

I start to see the characters and their actions in a different light when I hear these lines. I work hard to convince myself that some people live with such a philosophy only to realize I cannot ever imagine myself living by patterns the main character advocates. At this point, lightening strikes. Movie takes a marvelous twist and I know that the main character is not preaching but cautioning us.

It is very interesting how a group of crazed, seemingly insane people can make one think. One, I recognize that if ones fundamental impulses are suppressed beyond certain limits, the consequence will not be sweet. Two, it is a thought-provoking movie that is bound to leave you thinking about unexplored niches of human mind. However, it is very easy to miss the point and misunderstand it. If you watch this movie, you cannot afford to blink.

Fight Club is about a mental fight.


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