A Material Girl’s Promise

Whatever I may do, I cannot deny being a gizmo-crazy girl. The gloss and compactness of hardware gives me a natural high! (Is one supposed to get a natural high from material possessions? Umm…think not!)

Well, I dare not count the bucks I spent on collecting gizmos in the year 2004. I replaced my desktop computer with a laptop, bought a preventable camera phone, and picked up a new hobby and got myself a GBA. No, I am not on a guilt trip. I am glad that I bought all those and regret not being able to buy an iPod and a digital camera. Nonetheless, I have no right to eye a Nokia 2650 or a Samsung SGH-X430 longingly. (Cannot help it. I have a thing for cell phones with flaps.)

Therefore, I make this post to remind myself of the vow I made to myself – I will not buy a new cell phone until the present one goes kaput.


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