Random Thoughts


It was a Saturday morning when I dragged myself to work to finish a pending project. As I left home and got into the cab, I was greeted by an equally spiritless colleague. The two of us were the only favored members of the team going to work that day.

As if our gloominess was not enough, the cab driver declared that his music player had conked off. Determined to make our hour-long journey a little bright, we both started singing random songs. After a while we both got into the mood and we could feel the grumpiness melt away as we crooned “theme for a dream” in a loop. We reached office all lively and cheered up.

It has been at least six months since then. Things have changed. I do not meet this colleague any longer. However, every time I hear the song, I am reminded of that warm Saturday morning and you, Miss Mehta.


Does your man play Splinter Cell? If the answer is yes, your life may be in danger!


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