My Two Cents

Million Dollar Baby – My Reflections

A woman, who is a born fighter and a believer, works through all the odds to attain her goal. She is focused, she is raw, she is unyielding but she gives up in the end. She relents to something that an average person learns to live with and many overcome with their perseverance. But it makes sense because she is not any ordinary woman. She is someone who has seen the glory and been to places.

Magnificent movie though it left me depressed.

Sideways – My Questions

I am not sure, is the movie about midlife crisis? Why is everyone constantly searching for something? And, why doesn’t anyone know what this something is? Why are marriage and money yardsticks of a successful life? Doesn’t happiness count? Why is it that short-lived success makes life worse?

Captures human nature superbly and compels you to discover the world of wine.

Constantine – My Recommendation

While the first two are fabulous movies (the kinds you’ll watch anyway), I urge you to go watch Constantine. It is novel, extremely funny at places, slightly daunting, and hugely entertaining.

Disclaimer: If you are a hardcore Hellblazer fan, you may want to skip it.


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