Rant of the Day

Good Morning World!

I am writing to you so that I can escape the world of ‘cell-yells’ and ‘cellu-losers’ for a while. All Mighty has chosen to place me right in the midst of a species called ‘the cell-addicts’. They shout till their lungs burst and their cell phones are everlastingly jammed to their ears. Tell me, you cell-yellers, are all your friends and family members deaf?

So, it is only Tuesday morning. For heaven’s sake! Tuesday is just the second working day of the darned five-working-days week. I still have four never-ending working days cheekily stretching in front of me. I decide to take it all in my stride and stay all pepped up and this is what I get? People yelling in my ears!

Seriously, cell phone is the most perplexing invention of the millennium. I love my cell phone. I really do. Besides being a super-cool toy, it enables me to keep my folks’ peace of mind. And, I love catching up with friends on a whim. So yes, cell phones rock. Nonetheless, I refuse to let my cell phone rule my life. It is my toy and not vice versa.

Just because I have a cell phone, it does not mean that I am available 24/7. People (mind you, I am not talking close friends here) come to me and say accusingly, “I called you at midnight to tell you I will not be taking the cab this morning. Your cell phone was switched off.” They glare. Excuse me, next time you call me, I am not going to answer. I’ll glare at your number flashing itself crazy on the screen.

Thank you and have a good day.


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