This and That

20 years ago I… (1985)

Lived in Srinagar
Traveled 110 kilometers everyday to get to school and back.
Spent a lot of time chasing ducks.

10 years ago I… (1995)

Was often found humming “I am sixteen, going on seventeen”.
Got really peeved if boys paid attention to me.
Spent a lot of time tallying balance sheets.

5 years ago I… (2000)

Took up my first job.
Started drinking coffee.
Met the most boring person ever!

3 years ago I… (2002)

Changed the line of work.
Started writing my first Web journal.
Discovered that I am a strong woman.

1 year ago I… (2004)

Learned that prayers work only when backed with action.
Rediscovered comic books.
Finished my post graduation degree.

So far this year I… (2005)

Have worked like a donkey.
Made a lot of new friends.
Have spent a lot of money on materialistic stuff.

Yesterday I…

Played agony aunt and loved it.
Realized that X-Men can be fun too.
Picked up LoTR again.

Today I…

Spent eight hours attending meetings.
Attended some more meetings.
And, some more.

Tomorrow I will…

Not work.
Go gift shopping.
Eat yummy birthday cakes.

This weekend I may..

Watch “Back to Future” – I, II, and III.
Shut myself indoors to avoid Holi madness.
Have to listen to a lot of girl-stuff.


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