About not eavesdropping

I don’t want to snoop. They are plain loud.

Three people, a man and two women – all married (to different people, silly), stroll in and make their way towards their workstations. They are talking. Loudly. It is 7:45 in the morning. I do not feel like beginning my work.

Snippet (Yes, I have no shame!)

Guy: Have you read “He Is Just Not Into You?”
Gal A: Nope. Should I? I am married.
Gal B: What do you know about this book? It sounds like it is for women.
Guy: I read a lot of stuff meant for women. I read Cosmo and Femina. They are good magazines. Some articles give you a great insight into a woman’s mind.
Gal B: Yeah, they are good. But I don’t read them.
Gal A: So, why should I read “He Is Just Not Into You”? Who’s written it anyway?
Guy: Don’t tell me you have not heard of this book. It is sold out in India.
Gal A: Who’s written it?
Guy: I don’t remember. A husband and his wife.
Gal A: Oh, both of them. Then it should be good.
Gal B: I have been married for years now but I still fail to understand men.
Guy: Yeah, men are crap.


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