Nothing Fancy…

Just another masala Hinglish movie

Just finished watching another masala Hinglish movie. A typical bollywood film – Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Spielberg ensured presence of all the essential elements:
– A sexy woman who uses her undergarments for pockets, screams at wild animals and scares them away, rues over her chipped nail while a snake becomes her necklace, and snaps out of trance on hearing the word 'diamonds'
– A comical sidekick who turns into a smart-ass during the climax
– People dining on live and wriggling snake-like-things, eye-ball soup, and monkey brain for dessert (served in monkey heads; its your lucky day!)
– A villain who shouts obscenities, chains little kids he can torture in the underground mines, makes people drink blood, and rips their heart out with bare hands (and you thought Pai Mei did a good job of yanking eyes out!)
– A macho man who saves the sexy girl, the comical sidekick, the tortured kids, and the rest of the world, fights twenty people single-handedly, ducks bullets better than Sue Storm, switches from English to Chinese to Hindi before you can say 'Christoph Willibald von Gluck' and and is ready to make out with the sexy girl as soon as the loot is turned in
– A wooden plank-n-rope bridge swinging over a river inhibited by millions of crocodiles for the climax fight sequence
– The police coming in as soon as all the job is done (yup, they have been late since 1935)

I love bollywood movies.

and another chick book

It is called MissFit. I had never heard of Maria Beaumont but I still picked up the book. One, because the first line of her bio reads “Maria Beaumont used be the bad-ass daughter of working-class Cockney Greek immigrants.” Two, because the punch line reads “There are books about girls with dreamy boyfriends and fab careers. And then there's this one.”

Who does not want to read about some girl who's life has problems crazier than ones own?

No one! ( What? Read the question again.Two negatives make a positive.)

I am only half-way through the book but it is hilarious. The author is definitely a fan of Helen Fielding but no, she is not a copy cat. A breezy read if you have some free time on hands.


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