My Top Five List – I

Worst Advertisements of the Week

1. She-Aamir Khan endorsing Coke
2. Amitabh Bachhan swearing to have used Navratna hair oil for the last 35 years
3. Rani Mukherjee claiming her life is fun because she uses Dabur Amla hair oil
4. Hritik Roshan winning a fight after an energizing sip of Rasna Juice Up
5. Shabana Azmi saving two buckets of water by using Surf for laundry

Best Movies Seen this Week

1. Ringu – I needed mum to accompany me everywhere for a while
2. Jack Jack Attack – I simply love the kid. Period.
3. High Fidelity – What do you think gave me this idea of making top five lists?
4. Spirited Away – A wonderfully vivacious fantasy that filled me up with joy
5. Vanilla Sky – Fascinating happenings and a very hot trio


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