My Top Five List – II

Five reasons to go to the Jim Corbett national park:

1.You would like to stay in classy cottages by the riverside that are surrounded lots of greens.
2.You would like to walk around in mango groves and pick raw mangoes while it drizzles.
3.You want to wade in Kosi river, feel the icy water tingle your feet, and walk on sun kissed sand.
4.You want to ride in an open jeep, listening to the deafening silence of the woods broken by the shrill cry of a kingfisher or scampering of a deer behind the bushes.
5.You want to read your book while the tranquil river ripples in the background.

Five reasons to go to any damn place near your city:

1.You want to play truth and dare to figure out when your best employee is quitting.
2.You want to party and get high in an unopen hall.
3.You want to crib about being cheated because you did not spot a tiger on an one-hour safari.
4.You want to stay up all night bitching about your colleagues.
5.You want to butter up your boss by playing the cool dude/dudette interested in truth and dare, booze parties, and cribbing and bitching sessions.


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