If I were in the Nemo World…

I would be Dory! She is optimism personified. To add to her sunny attitude, she is a caring and loyal friend. All right, so she is a tad more sociable than me…but that’s discounted.

Dory – Finding Nemo

Yesterday, I saw the movie for the nth time.

The Internet guy was his usual self and refused to budge as I lodged the ninth complaint in the last six days. So, I got into a row and ruined my mood. Had to cheer myself up, thus watched Finding Nemo, again. It never fails to do the works. Childhood memories of The Lion King notwithstanding, Finding Nemo is the best animation movie. (Nope, I am not including The Incredibles in this category for reasons I’ll explain some other day)

So, I am Dory. Who are you?

Marlin – Emotional and judgmental?
Coral – Freethinking and sensitive?
Nemo – Independent and resilient?
Gill – Resolute and idealist?
Bloat – Funny?
Nigel – Gossiper but helpful?
Bubbles – Eager?
Deb & Flo – Sympathetic and bored?
Crush – Chilled out?
Squirt – Enthusiastic and fun-loving?
Mr. Ray – Rational explorer?
Bruce – Determined?
Jacques – Cleanliness freak?

Or Peach? Gurgle? Anchor? Chum?


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