July has never been duller. A lot has happened but it is still dull. There were celebrations, there were reunions with old pals, there were first meetings, there were misunderstandings, there were bombings, there were strikes and curfews, there were floods, and there were fires. Not a lot of good has happened this month; I am sure you will agree.

With all the stuff happening, I started on Harry Potter’s latest book a little late. By then, half of the world had taken upon itself to enlighten me about not only who-dies-this-time but also about nitty-gritty like Horcruxes. If you do not know what they are, I am not telling you. Do you see a spoiler alert?

Nevertheless, I liked Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince more than The Order of the Phoenix. Contrary to the popular view, I found book six much brighter than the previous one. It also has a lot of intriguing twists and turns. However, the last part is hastily done. Important things happen and the author fails to create their impact on both the characters and the readers. My two cents. Moreover, I feel that the author has created an opportunity to kill Harry in the last book. I hope I am wrong, but I see an opening for it.

And, I officially like Superman now. I have been reading something that has helped me warm up towards this seemingly foppish super hero. Don’t kill me for saying that, but I did not find him very impressive until I read Crossover. This reminds me, have you ever tried reading a comic book standing at a bus stop? Man, the looks it gets you! No mini-skirt can match a comic book. Take my experienced word.

By the by, the anti-book bug has bit me. I cannot read these days. Harry Potter is an exception; it is more like a Hindi masala movie. To add to this, I am technologically handicapped. The CD writer, the Internet connection – everything has conked off.

Need to get out of this dull circle of July. I am thinking swings, I am thinking raindrops, I am thinking soapy bubbles. I am thinking August.


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