The Firsts

On one of my random book-browsing expeditions, I found some interesting-looking comic books that began from the last page. Original manga, I was told, reads from right to left. Intrigued by the concept I tried to get a sneak peek into those books but they were neatly wrapped in a cellophane sheet. A novice in the field, I picked the one which had the brightest pictures and the most fascinating write up on the cover. That’s how I found my first ever manga – Negima – Magister Negi Magi.

Already excited about the left-to-right thing, my cup of joy overflowed when I noticed that this book has been adapted to English by Peter David. Nope, I am not a fan, but I know about him. You have to understand that to me, Ken Akamatsu was an alien before I read Negima. I like familiar names. Therefore, I like Peter David.

Another cool thing that Negima brought about was the knowledge of Japanese honorifics. Use of suffixes like san, sensei, and kun with people’s names in Mega Tokyo has always confused me. Now I know.

To conclude, I can say that this saga of a Brit child prodigy, teenage girls, and vampires has gotten me started on manga. I’ll welcome recommendations, though.

Another first time experience is Terry Pratchett. I have been told that my life was worthless for not having read him but I always say, better late than never. Here again, I did not go the usual way. Instead of his much talked about Disc World series, I picked the first Johnny Maxwell title – Only You Can Save Mankind. Oh man, is it hilarious or is it hilarious! Each line, every single line on every single page is a joy to read. I am telling you. =)


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