Just in case, you don’t know the sunshine girl

This was meant to be my new user info. But it came out a little weird so I decided to turn it into a post instead. Shorter life.


My name is Anupma. I have a last name but I don’t like revealing it on the Internet. Yes, I have a chronic suspicion disorder. I live in Delhi and have been doing so for the last sixteen years. So, if you think I am biased to the city, you are bang on.

Presently, I work where us imaginative people like to believe that we are the best, in every field. And, we have data to support our words! Besides working beyond 9 to 5, I travel. I travel a lot – to work and back home. I spend around 25 hours on road every week. But that is okay as my parents trained me for this at the age of six when they put me in a school 55 kilometers from home.

Oh and did I tell you that I am an only child? All pampered and spoilt!

Before I turned into a defect-free-data-driven-imaginative-maniac, I was a programmer. I did not like being a programmer and took around two fun-filled years to realize that. Being a fresh-out-of-college kid, I got special treatment from senior programmers. I cried when mister squeaky-shoes made me stay late at work. All this fun sent me guilt tripping and I signed up for a distance learning Masters in Computer Application. I quit programming soon after this but finished my Masters nevertheless.

In livelier days, I used to study Economics in the most magnificent girl’s college on the face of earth. Everything, from the brilliant red-bricked building, three-floored library full of musty-smelling books to the oily spring rolls in the canteen, rocked. I lived on lethal amounts of Maggi and Mills and Boons for the first year and spent the next two trying to make up for the low score of the first year.

In my previous life, I went to seven different schools. Regardless of whatever you want to believe, this was not because I was a bad student but because my grandfather decided that his eldest son must join the army. This previous life was actually a lot of fun. I lived in far-flunged and unheard of places, changed schools (and hence, teachers) every other year, got to go on umpteen road trips, had access to mammoth swimming pools and never-ending golf courses, and met lots of people. I also got to taste beer at the tender age of seven!

This journal is not about my life. It is about my whims and fancies. I filter my thoughts through a microscopic strainer before putting them here. All the same, if you are a friend outside the cyber world you can find chronicles of my life hidden in between these words.


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