I am back

From where, you ask. From the land of sun and sand. I spent the last few weeks relaxing on the beach, sipping martini and reading one good book after another. I let the cool breeze gently rock my hammock, I inhaled the sweet smell of the ocean as its waves calmly lapped the shore, and I am totally given to wishful thinking.

Reality is that I spent the last few weeks working late, taking customer calls at inane hours, popping blue-n-gray pills, trying to finish one book, juggling work and home to make time for a friend visiting Delhi, finishing other boring stuff, and not updating LJ. I seem to have misplaced my creative spark (if there was one) lately. I want to write and create, but there is nothing to create from. I wonder if there is a trick to get back one's creativity, recapture one's inner flame. Mine seems to have taken a wrong turn at the last crossroad while I was busy finishing that excel sheet.

Well, I did read some. The Bridges of Madison County was awesome. Hell Blazer -Tainted Love was neat. Atlantis Found was a drag; too much packed in one book, in a boring sort of way. And, I have been stuck with City of the Beasts for over a week. This is bad, given that it is an interesting book.

I've already mentioned that my creative cells are dead, therefore, we talk about movies next. I watched Iqbal and loved it. Kuknoor rocks but why did he make Hyderabad Blues – II? And, why did he call it that? Maybe his creativity eloped with mine. Let me not digress. I also watched and liked From Hell, though it left me in a drab mood. Depp was his usual charming-to-the-core self. Sad that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is not going to release in Delhi. But I don't give in easy. If you ask nicely, my friends in Mumbai, I may just hop-skip-jump across to your city. I also watched Euro Trip, with mum hanging around in the same room. Big mistake. The sequence where twins make out with each other, turned my ma's skin deep maroon. I think it is time for a reality update; I am thinking of getting her a copy of God of Small Things. Ha!

I always talk about books and movies, right? That's because reading fiction and watching movies are my hobbies. I realized this on Thursday while in a training where the trainer asked our hobbies as an icebreaker. Sitting there around an oval table surrounded by 12 people raking their brains for interesting hobbies, I realized that I don't have a constructive hobby. Sure, reading is the best thing anyone can do, but I also need to create something. Anything. Draw, paint, play the guitar, cook, grow plants, create crafty stuff, write something worthwhile. Making two posts about nothing and a list about something every month cannot really count for writing. I also realized that I don't have a role model, that's not done. I need one, quick.

Before I close, tell me, how does one decide whether the woman who just walked by is a working woman or a housewife? We do decide, subconsciously, may be. What is so different about the two? And, I am not talking about topics of conversation here, just the appearance. Salesmen make up their minds, gossip-mongers do this too. How?


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