I dream of superpowers

I am still on my fantasy trip, people. However, this time around I am not dreaming of beaches and hammocks but of superpowers. Here’s a list of my top three favorites.

#1. Shape-shifting: I can turn myself into any living being. What fun it is to hide myself as Nicole Kidman, a fire-breathing dragon, or the elderly vegetable vendor from across the street. Even so, notice that I cannot turn myself into inanimate objects. You see, there is a high risk involved. If I turn myself into a crystal glass, I have to stay a crystal glass until some nincompoop drops me on the floor!

#2. Flying: I fly. Rather, I glide through the puffy clouds, high above traffic-clogged streets. I visit people more often. I see the remotest places on earth by taking a flight across the deep blue ocean.

#3. Communicating with animals: I can speak dog, cat, horse, tiger, and several other wild languages. I am the mistress of the wild ones. They talk to me as I fondle them and they lie at my feet. They are friends and I am their link to the human world.

However, someone told me that with great power comes great responsibility. Catch! My frail shoulders droop with all the good work that I’ve to do. :p


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