Growing up

“When I grow up, I want to be a newsreader!” the eleven-year-old Anupma would happily announce, often.

From a newsreader to a radio jockey, a college lecturer, a print journalist, a fiction writer, a bookshop owner…the proclamations may have changed but they have always been present. You can still find me declaring that I want to be such-n-such when I grow up.


This morning, I was looking for a mug shot of Topher Grace to check out if he’d suit the role of Venom in Spider-Man III. While looking at his biography, I noticed that he is only five months senior to me. Look at the list of small somethings that he has under his belt! And, he is not even half as famous as many others of his age.


So the point is that I’ve missed my station. If I had to grow up and be something, I would have done that already.


The new, adjusted announcement:

If I grow up, I want to own a bookshop!”

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