Me Me!

My LJ pal tagged me for seven answers to each question. But it is the end of the weekend; post two movies, one chick book, lots of iced tea, chocolate fudge icecream, and hours of book browsing, I am kind of low on energy. Therefore, I am going to give three answers to each question.

Three things I wanna do before I die

  1. Own a book shop (Can I help it if it crops up in every post?!)
  2. Author a few worthwhile books
  3. Be a part of a movie (Continutiy Manager is the position I am looking for. Any takers?)

Three things I can do

  1. Cry while reading books and watching movies
  2. Imbibe your mood
  3. Be inconspicuous in large groups

Three things I say the most

  1. I wish!
  2. Don't tell me!
  3. What the…(Yup, I stop right there!)

Three things I can't do

  1. Tolerate Emran Hashmi (, I am sorry. I tried.)
  2. Quit cola
  3. Exercise regularly

Three things that attract me to the opposite sex

  1. Sincerity
  2. Fit physique
  3. Common sense

Three celebrity crushes

  1. Pierce Brosnan
  2. Johnny Depp
  3. Neil Gaiman

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