Radio Mirchi: Not So Hot

So the much dreaded Delhi winter is almost here. The days are shorter and I cannot read my book on my way home from work anymore. What does a girl do when she cannot read her book? Listen to music, of course. Now, I am this iPod-less poor girl, who has to make do with a select few songs on her cellular phone that has 41 MB memory only. Less memory combined with my inexcusable laziness in changing my playlist every other day resulted in boredom after listening to the same songs for the first three days of the week. On Thursday evening, I switched to Radio.

The good thing about listening to the radio on my cellular phone is that I can change the staion with the slightest push of the tip of my thumb. This enables me to listen to non-stop music (not necessarily good music, but non-stop nonetheless) by switching stations as soon as a song ends. Or at least I thought so.

I remember when the private radio stations first hit Delhi back in 2003, Radio Mirchi was my favorite out of the three stations. The RJs were livelier, puns were mildly funnier, and the jazz worked for me. Things seem to have changed now. I discovered, this Thursday, that Radio Mirchi hardly plays any music. I think they ask their peon to randomly pick some seven CDs from their library every morning and then play the same songs over and over, all day long. Sometimes, the peon takes an off, and they play the same music all week long. However, they do have a wide range of advertisements. So, everytime a 'Salam Namaste' song ends, there is a string of twenty two advertisements followed by a meaningless comment by the RJ. And, then they play a song from 'Neil and Nikki'.

On Friday, I realized that I cannot do this. I cannot listen to advertisements on three different radio stations all through the winter. Until the days get longer again, I have to bring out my GBA. So, here I am, with a spanking new cartridge of Ultimate Spiderman and a borrowed Advance Wars 2. Homeward journey should be fun again.


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