Scattered Chatter

Idle Chatting

People you see daily at work take great pleasure in inquiring “what's new?” Usually, I have nothing to say to this. Monday, I was working on the project. Tuesday, I am still working on the same project. As I have nothing monumental to say, I end up talking about the latest book I've read or the fine movie I watched last night. People give a dissatisfied look; they want to hear about life-altering events. Then sometimes I tell an anecdote from the other day and they say “ha, that's funny.” What do they mean when they say “that's funny?” If it is funny, howcome they are not laughing? It is like saying, “man, you are a bore but I do not want to say that on your face.” That is what “that's funny” means. So, I stick to talking about books.

About Books

Someone who is not much of a reader (or rather a militant book hater) said that books, especially fiction, are escape from the real world. It is not healthy to search for peace (or anything else for that matter) in the world of books. I laughed. On that person's face. Someday, I will be a ripe old woman with gray hair and wrinkly eyes, and my bones would crack when I would reach up the bookshelf to search for the book by my favorite author. Everything can and will change, but my books are and will remain my constant companion.

Tag Me Weirdo

I love and respect my books. Dogears are a sin. God (or some person who should run for God) made bookmarks, use them! If the author just wrote something that you must remember, note it down on your jot pad, palmtop, or that little cell phone but do not scribble on the page. That's a rule. I live by it. Nevertheless, I see an exception. If the book talks about something that you have to reproduce for an exam the next week, scribble. Scribble hard. I do. You see, when you sit confined to that little space in an examination hall, clock ticking like crazy, you need visuals to crack the paper. When I think hard from inside an examination hall, my memory turns visual. I see the pages of my book. I do not remember the text, I see it in my head. Here, scribbled notes come very handy. So there.

Words to Remember

Talking of words that you must remember, I am reading a not-so-fun book by Helen Fielding these days. While describing the overactive imagination of the protagonist, she says “love and hate is the same thing. The opposite of love is indifference.” I concur.


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