Making of a Foodie: A Savory Journey

red snappersouppizza

This afternoon, as I dipped my onion uttpam in piping hot sambar at Kerala Hut, a nifty South Indian dhaba outside my workplace, I could not help but wonder about my journey from being an active food hater to becoming a big time foodie. As a kid, I looked at food as something that ate into my fun time. At school, I did not want to waste my precious lunch break eating food, so I would pass my lunch box around and skip away to the playground. Back home, I would rather go out and play with other kids than waste time finishing my vegetables. At parties, I would direct all my energy in procuring an extra bottle of ThumsUp. I was this thin kid who always got lectured by parents and the doctor alike. Eat if you want to grow up to be strong, they would say. Against all my wishes, I was growing up anyway. So, I did not heed their advice. I was around ten when we moved to Delhi – the city of spicey snacks, I call it.

During the summer break, every afternoon I would hear one vendor after the other, calling out at us kids, using superlatives to describe their goodies. I was bored and hence, easily tempted. It began with ice candies and popsicles. Soon, I moved to chaat, samosas, and such spicey delights. As I joined school in Delhi, I graduated to burgers and potato patties. Then, someone took me to Nirulas and treated me to my first pizza. That was the turning point in my life. I never looked back again. I would not sit for a Math exam without feasting on Chinese food from the local kiosk. The kiosk was auspicious for me, I believed.


The world became a better place as I passed out from school. Money was never a hindrance. If I was low on cash, there were springrolls at college canteen or flakey snacks at Mini Shoppe – the ever so popular stall in North Campus, Delhi University. On a good day, friends and I would feast at Bercos. Around that time, the Americans invaded and I was delighted to find McDonalds and Wimpy at every nook and corner. More the merrier, I trust.

The stipend I recieved as a trainee after college, gave me wings – almost. I spent almost the entire amount pleasing my taste buds. That was when I discovered my love for Mexican and Italian preparations. Overtime, I found myself surrounded by food lovers. And on one bizarre morning, I realized that my love was for food not for eating out. I look forward to meals. Homemade food excites me equally. And, I can eat Maggi noodles for rest of my life and die peacefully of intestine failure.

chinese delightsitalian breadapple pie

On this joyous note, I present to you, ladies and gentlemen, my top five mouthwatering discoveries of the year 2005:

– Luscious Red Snapper at Red Hot Cafe
– Yummy Apple Pie with Ice Cream at Barista
– Delectable Muglai Delights at Mirchis
– Scrumptious Fish and Chips at QBA
– Delicious Won Ton Soup at China White


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