Weakened Weekend

As the mercury drops lower than ever before, in my lifetime at least, I decide to stay in and do some catching up on my hoarded comics. And that is how I begin my lonely journey into the world of dying men!

Y – The Last Man

Nope, no super heroes this time around. It is a story of a simple, unmotivated man with very worldly problems (job, parents, girlfriend), who suddenly becomes the most powerful man in the world. What? I said no super heroes. Yes, that I did. And, I stand by it. Because here, it is not the man who alters; the world does.

Struck by a plague of an unknown origin, all the men burst and die. Yes, all of them. All across the world. In fact, not just men but all mammals with Y chromosome are gone. All but one and he is our Last Man. The last hope of the mankind, or rather the womankind!

Life is not a party for our last man as he begins a transcontinental journey, accompanied by his chimp and a US government agent, to hunt for his girlfriend who was in Australia before the plague struck. “Y – The Last Man” is a collection of very engaging adventures of our hero, with cameos by Israeli defense forces, Russian astronauts, ninja women, feminist extremists, and of course, lots and lots of lonely women.

I became a fan of this graphic novel by Brian K. Vaughan after reading the first two issues. Although the line “no one can read just one” kept ringing in my head every time I reached the “to be continued” page, after 15 issues, I decided that I needed to go back to the world of men, so I decided to watch a movie.

28 Days Later

As I rummaged around my “to be watched” set of DVDs, I zeroed on “28 Days Later” because it is a Danny Boyle movie. And, that was about all I knew about the film. Unlike most, I did not become a Boyle fan after watching Trainspotting; superb film, but that was it. However, when I watched Millions, I was floored. A man who could deal with such diverse subjects so brilliantly, deserves fandom. But I digress. So, I sat down to watch this movie and my journey into the world of no men took a new turn.

“28 Days Later” begins with a group of environmental terrorists breaking into a lab and releasing chimps infected with “rage virus.” The disease spreads, and people die. All around the world. No, the fairer sex is not spared in this one. It is a story of a young man who was in comma for 28 days after a road accident. He wakes to see his city deserted. In search of a living soul, he finds infected human beings. And, the zombie movie begins!

The movie is brilliant and leaves very vivid images in your head. The depiction of how humans survive and adjust to the extreme circumstances and what happens when one is reduced to the lowest elements is excellent. Despite being a zombie film with certain very grim parts, it has a happy feel to it. Alternatively, I am weird.

By the time I got over with the movie, I was enjoying my journey into the world of dying. So, I went back to the remaining issues of “Y.”

And, yes, HAPPY 2006.


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