Acting is all about honesty. If you can fake that, you've got it made.

You haven’t met an actor more pathetic than yours truly. Nope, this is not stage fright, for I am completely capable of anchoring a program in front of large groups. (I intend to grow up to be a trainer in my field.) This is a pure and unadulterated fear of acting as someone that I am not. I get extremely self-conscious when I am in the spotlight; a hundred set of eyes on me – horror!

In less than two hours, my team has to host a rewards ceremony; we intend to role-play and intertwine the award distribution with the story of Maha-Ramayan. Do I need to mention that our source of inspiration is the immortal movie – Jaane Bhi Do Yoaron? So, while my colleagues are playing the roles of Draupadi, Bheem, Yudhisthir, Krishna, Ram, Laxman, Akbar and so on…I play Nikki Bakshi!

Nikki Bakshi is a consultant hired to recruit the vanar-sena to help Ram get his wife back from the king of Lanka. Now you ask, why is this consultant named after a bimbo from a super-flop Hindi movie? Because, dear friends, this is the sense of humor of my colleagues, who intend to sing that horrid song when I step on the stage. For the uninitiated, my name is Bakshi, Anupma Bakshi.

Here I am, all hands and feet, hoping to get my three dialogues right and be able to look the audience in the eye – after the show is over, that is!


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